What did Lego Friends look like when they were Little Kids? Meet

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The Lego Friends girls were little once, right? So have you ever wondered what they looked like as little kids / toddlers? I have so I made them into what I imagined they looked like as weeny Lego children. Cutting up Lego minidolls to make custom Lego toddlers is not for the faint-hearted (check out my DIY how-to video here http://akclip.net/akplay/Akclip-Akkvh-6...) and I think it's high time that Lego made some real ones so the Lego minidolls could have some little brothers and sisters, don't you? Which Lego Friend toddler is your favourite? It's time to make more Lego minidoll toddlers DIY Craft.

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