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Tobot (Korean: 또봇) is a South Korean animated television series produced by Young Toys and Retrobot. The series features transforming cars and some of them are designed after Kia Motors vehicles.


While investigating a string of mysterious car accidents, Dr. Franklin Char is abducted by the perpetrators. This incident activates his creations called "Tobots", cars that transform into robots with a special key called a "Tokey". Dr. Char's first two Tobots, Tobot X and Tobot Y, are entrusted to his twin sons Ryan and Kory, respectively, to fight crime and protect their neighborhood.

🤖Meet your Tobot Friends 🤖

🤖Tobot X: A yellow Kia Soul that is Ryan's guardian. He can upgrade into Tobot Great X, recolored in red and blue and sporting a helmet and an arm cannon.
🤖Tobot Evolution X: A first upgrade into a futuristic MPV. This version can further upgrade into Tobot X Shield-On, recolored in grey and red.
🤖Tobot Adventure X: A second upgrade an orange Kia Soul. Adventure X can utilize several tools such as a tow hook to assist other Tobots.
🤖Tobot Y: A blue Kia K3/Forte/Cerato Koup that is Kory's guardian. He is the faster of the Tobots and speaks very quickly.
🤖Tobot Evolution Y: A first upgrade into a sleeker sports car. This variant can further upgrade into Tobot Y Shield-On, recolored in white, gold, and red.
🤖Tobot Adventure Y: A second upgrade into a navy blue helicopter.
🤖Tobot Z: A red Kia Sportage R that is Dylan's guardian.
🤖Tobot Adventure Z: An upgrade into a red Kia Sorento R.
🤖Cha Hana (Ryan Char): The partner of Tobot X.
🤖Cha Duri (Kory Char): Ryan's twin brother and the partner of Tobot Y.
🤖Kwon Semo (Dylan Kwon): Limo's adoptive son and the partner of Tobot Z.
🤖Dokgo O-gong (Nathan): Timmy's older brother and the partner of Tobot W.
🤖Ju Ding-yo (Dolly Park): Ryan and Kory's female classmate and the partner of Tobot D.
🤖Oh Hera (Hera Oh): A clumsy female police officer and the partner of Tobot C.
🤖No Gyo-su (Professor Noh): Dr. Char's professor and the first partner of Tobot R before Neon. He created the Corona Lens.
🤖Kim Ne-bok (Neon): A friend of Ryan, Kory, and Dylan and the second partner of Tobot R after Professor Noh.
🤖Cha Do-un (Dr. Franklin Char): Ryan and Kory's father and the inventor of the Tobots.
🤖Ding-yo eomma (Mrs. Park): Dolly's obese and overprotective mother.
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