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𝐋EGO 𝐔LTIMATE 𝐁ATMOBILE 𝐁atman 𝐌ovie 𝐋ego 𝐒et 𝐂kn 𝐓oys
Hi men, nowadays we're constructing the best LEGO set ever The Ultimate Batmobile. Team up with THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE characters Batman™, Batgirl™, Robin™ and Alfred Pennyworth™ (in Batsuit) to provide the Super-Villains quadruple trouble with The Ultimate Batmobile! This extraordinary version divides into 4 separate motors: the Batmobile, Batwing, Bat-Tank and Batcycle. The Batmobile features foldout boosters and 4 stud shooters, while the Batwing has foldout wings and 2 spring-loaded shooters. The Batcycle has foldable wheels and the heavily-armored Bat-Tank boasts 2 hidden 6-stud rapid shooters. The set also consists of the rotating Bat-Signal with a LEGO® light brick, Polka-Dot Man’s flying disc, plus eight minifigures with assorted guns and add-ons to inspire countless position-play motion.

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