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Aren't you interested in a little car racing from the early 1980’s? Now you have the chance. But this time it won’t be as usual. These events are organised by the great Soviet Union, so you can try the best engineered cars of the russians, or the countries that were influenced by the soviets.
- 14 cars to test your skills, and have fun with.
( Lada VFTS [VAZ 2105 VFTS] , Volga GAZ 24 , Wartburg 353 WR , Melkus RS1000 , Lada 2101 [ VAZ 2101 , Жигули , Zhiguli ] , Skoda Rapid 130 , Zaporozsec 968M [ZAZ–968M] , Zastava Yugo 413 , Trabant 800rs , Trabant 1.1 RocketBunny , Polski Fiat 126p RocketBunny, Lada Samara 2108, Skoda Favorit KitCar, Dacia Sport Coupe )
- 7 tracks from all part of the world
- 3 types of multiplayer competitions
- Online and local leaderboard to challenge your friends and players from all over the world
- Cool soundtrack. Most of them from 7nap music.

All the cars are highly detailed inside and out, so you can race from onboard view too. The cars are tuneable. You can improve the handling (suspension, tyres, weight reduction), and the engine performance. Also you can paint your car.

All the tracks are highly detailed as well, and each one of them are technical so you have to give your best

The multiplayer is real-time, and cross platform, with 3 game modes:
- Classic: you’re racing in a track, the best time wins
- Tiggy: the first racer leading with 150 meters wins
- Capture the flag: this takes places on a different track. Maximum 4 racers at a time in the track. You pick up a flag, and take it to the drop, that’s 1 point...IF! No one get’s it from you! The first player reaching the maximum point wins!

Have fun! And let us know what can make better this game!


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