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My first kit for the Stancer Dancer! But first lets get her washed up and get some maintenance out of the way. Lots of exciting things coming up! Follow me @johnnywilds for sneak peaks on what is to come!

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Also I am NOT a professional by any means so please don't attempt any of this without the proper safety equipment and without professional guidance.

All of my music is by the amazing @cuadroped
Check him out at https://soundcloud.com/cuadrop or https://www.instagram.com/cuadroped/

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Check out @Lonestardrift to see some great drifting and cool content
and hopefully some of my drifting in the near future!

My name is Johnathan Wilds and I am a car enthusiast who happens to also love drifting.
Self proclaimed "Mechanic" and driver making videos to document my Automotive (and maybe
other) Adventures with my Girlfriend and Spoiled Pupper!
I enjoy pina coladas and long nights
in a garage covered in oil and road grime. Glad to have you here to hopefully enjoy the
time with me and see where this adventure winds up.
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